Tower Story

Chronicle of the former Heiderott Hamminkeln 547 transformer station

1910Start of power supply in Hamminkeln by Rheinisch-Westfälische-Elektrizitätswerk Aktiengesellschaft Essen RWE
1928Building application for the construction of a tower station built in field bricks and covered with clay bricks on a 34 square meter plot of land acquired from the farmer Hermann Tofahrn. Commissioned as a transformer station in which the electrical energy from the medium-voltage network with a voltage of 10,000 volts is converted into 400/230 volts to supply customers in the low-voltage network (household electricity).
2019End as part of the RWE overhead line network for the local supply in the Thülenweg area in Hamminkeln; then handover to Mr. Olaf Prinz, who owns the building.
2021Official inauguration as part of a commemoration for the 75th anniversary of the largest one-day airborne operation in World War II, which took place in the vicinity of the tower on March 24, 1945 under the name “Operation Varsity”.

Here you will find some historical documents, technical drawings and construction plans for the tower.

Use today

This industrial-historical landmark, today “Liberation Tower”, commemorates the liberation of the lower east side of the Rhine from National Socialism by the Allies as part of “Operation Varsity”. The tower serves to commemorate all victims – civilian and military.

“Liberation Tower” is now a landmark, memorial and meeting place. Other former transformer stations that have been transformed as part of various re-use projects can be found at

Tower station in use 2018

Renovation work 2019